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Want To Boost Your Mental Well-Being? Get Creative!

You may have experienced, at least to some degree, that engaging your creativity can be a source of fun, relaxation, even stress relief, particularly when you allow yourself to focus on the process, rather than the product. But the processes involved in creativity can actually do a whole lot more!  

Gifting ourselves with the time to unfold our creativity, we also allow for a kind of self-exploration that can lead to us to a deeper level of self-awareness and new insights about ourselves, which can in turn, provide us with the sense of relief and well-being that comes through recognizing and acknowledging our subconscious feelings. Engaging your creativity via the framework of LC programs, you’ll be afforded opportunities to access the deep inner knowing that lies within, to mine the guidance and wisdom that resides inside your soul. And instead of simply reacting to life, you’ll think critically about what is best for your growth and development and make choices in support of how you show up best in the world. By expressing ourselves via whatever creative pathways we choose to indulge in, we empower and strengthen our unique voice. And as we allow for the unfolding of our unique, innate creativity, we facilitate the intuitive development of all of our abilities, particularly those that may be latent, or as yet undiscovered.

To get your creative juices flowing, I invite you to try the following:

List 10 unique qualities you have and/or experiences you’ve had. Pick a few and write a haiku about each one! 

A haiku is a Japanese poem of three lines. Five syllables on the 1st line, seven for the 2nd line, and five for the 3rd line.


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