Unwrap the Gift that is YOU

“Nurturing your own development isn’t selfish. It’s actually a great gift to other people.” ~Dr. Rick Hanson

Shifting away from the “template” and allowing our soul’s wisdom to guide us doesn’t have to equal disruption. Like a plant that gradually positions itself towards nurturing sunlight, its roots moving towards nurturing moisture, we simply need to allow ourselves to move in the direction of our own growth and development. That being said, though it may be simple, natural even, but by no means am I suggesting it’s always easy. In our society, we are socialized to build our identity and perception of ourselves in a way that focuses almost exclusively on externals – our family, our friends, our relationships (particularly romantic ones or absence of them), our work, and material status. Which is why we so often find ourselves disconnected from who we really are, unable to just be, and not really knowing our value in the absence of reference points outside ourselves.

Yes, our relationships are important, fundamental and essential to the human experience. All too often though, we’re so preoccupied with looking our best “out there” in the world, that we forsake doing what’s best to nurture and develop our inner world. So that instead of an inner compass that navigates us towards what nourishes and enriches us, we often find ourselves driven by a compulsion to go after and latch onto what and whoever can validate our worth.

But here’s the thing – this gift of life came to us without having to do anything at all. We didn’t have to get someone’s permission or approval in order to receive this gift, we didn’t have to get a degree first, make a certain amount of money, gain favor, or win an award. The gift of life simply manifested as us.

So, as individualized expressions of our Creator, our time here on earth isn’t a gift that’s about swathing our lives in outside packaging but rather, our lives are a priceless bounty we are meant to unwrap so that we may share with the world the treasures that live inside. We unwrap the gift of life through connecting to our unique collection of strengths, skills, passions, and talents, and leveraging them to benefit the world.  When we allow ourselves to explore our interests, follow our curiosity, and connect to our innate creativity, we create pathways for bringing our authentic selves, not just the roles we play, but our truest and best selves into being. Expanding beyond our stagnation quo status quo or comfort zones to allow space in our lives for discovery, creativity, and exploration, we unwrap the sacred gift that is our unique life. Which when you think about it, leaves us with a kind of paradox that what we get out of living, is directly related to who we bring to life. So that maybe they way to get more out of life is to actually be more – more of our truest selves, rather than simply the roles we play.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ~ Gospel of Thomas

Invitation: If you could instantly do anything well, what would you spend time engaging in? Make a list. Pick at least one thing from your list and commit to allowing yourself to enjoy that activity.

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