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Why am I offering you this free micro-course and mini one to one session?

There are a few reasons. One is that I believe in the power of creativity, even for folks who don’t believe they’re creative.  It’s part of the reason I started Living Creatively – to connect people to their own unique, innate sense of possibility, which is fundamentally what creativity is all about.  It disturbs me to see so many people living lives of resignation, when I know that it’s possible to create a daily lifestyle that honors our potential.

I know there are many different of options for personal development, for improving and going beyond your personal status quo.  And yet, it’s the ones that resonate with us the strongest that tend to be the most effective.  That’s why I invite you to try this micro-course, so you can get a better idea of my approach and see if it really clicks for you.  For a limited time, I'm also extending to you an invitation to schedule a free one to one session with me to discuss your experiences with the micro-course and any related challenges you're currently working through.

Just click the link below and the micro-course will be on it’s way to you.  And though I won't send you a bunch of stuff just to try to keep myself in your inbox, periodically, you’ll receive a mix of information, insights, and inspiring stories from me that you'll probably find really beneficial

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