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Desires, Fears, & Reconciliation

Something I’ve experienced and witnessed so often is how the pathway towards our deepest, truest desires and highest aspirations, is almost always littered with some of our greatest fears. One way I’ve navigated this conundrum is to think of what I do with my life as an expression of my gratitude to the Creator for giving me this life in the first place. And I find that the more directly in touch I am with a sense of gratitude, the more I want to make the absolute most of my time on this earth. I think that’s why I love international travel so much. Because experiences abroad often snatch me from the mental treadmill of the familiar, forcing me to really pay attention to/be viscerally aware of the awe-inspiring richness of life. Life is SO MUCH MORE than we give it credit for as we go about our day to day lives. I realized this when I first moved to Charlotte and took some much needed me time. Slowing down my pace, gratitude blossomed, peace within unfurled, and my creative juices started flowing like a river. The commitment to establish a lifestyle that fit the rhythm of how I best function, so that I could begin realizing my potential began to take root.

It’s funny how, in midst of life’s overwhelming noise – so often motivated by the race to get more, make more, do more, and appear more, the idea that we just might be here to actually BE (to grow, evolve, to flower) more seems to get lost. If not lost, then often stranded on the side of the road. But those urgings deep within our souls, that quiet intuitive voice, whispering to us from deep within? I believe that is the divine impulse within us, urging us towards our own personal evolution. And I believe that beyond keeping up with our bills, planning for retirement, and snagging a life mate, our life’s purpose is figuring out how to get and stay connected to that divine impulse.

So, what can we do to mend the chasm between the path our souls yearn to take and the inevitable fears it generates? I’ve found regular meditation, walking in nature, and taking regular time to disconnect from media to be a kind of magic potion for staying connected to this divine impulse. What works or what do you think would work for you?

Invitation – Imagine  this: In the next 5 minutes, your mind is going to be COMPLETELY erased!  You only have that amount of time to write down the thoughts, people, and beliefs you want/need to remember. Set your timer for ONLY 5 minutes and make a list of the thoughts, people and beliefs that reflect best aspects of your life and highest aspirations.  Afterwards, review your list and then take any action that feels inspired.

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