Creativity as Self-Care 

You may have experienced, at least to some degree, that engaging your creativity can be a source of fun, relaxation, even stress relief, particularly when you allow yourself to focus on the process, rather than the product. But the processes involved in creativity can actually do a whole lot more! Gifting ourselves with the time to unfold our creativity, we also allow for a kind of self-exploration that can lead to us to a deeper level of self-awareness and new insights about ourselves, which can in turn provide us with the sense of relief and well-being that comes through recognizing and acknowledging our subconscious feelings. Engaging your creativity via the framework of LC programs, you’ll be afforded opportunities to access the deep inner knowing that lies within, to mine the guidance and wisdom that resides inside your soul. And instead of simply reacting to life, you’ll think critically about what is best for you and make choices in support of how you show up best in the world. By expressing ourselves via whatever creative pathways we choose to indulge in, we empower and strengthen our unique voice. And as we allow for the unfolding of our unique, innate creativity, we facilitate the intuitive development of all of our abilities, particularly those that may be latent, or as yet undiscovered.

“To know yourself is to know the power of God within you.” Susan Taylor, In the Spirit

Creativity as Sacred Practice

Anchored in the present moment, giving deep attention to the details involved in whatever we’re making, the process of creating can be a way of practicing mindfulness. Also, when we are creating, we are open, receptive, and relaxed. Which is why engaging our creativity is one of the ways of creating a channel for connecting with the divine. You’ve often the phrase “in the zone” to describe a state of heightened focus and blissful immersion that people experience when in engaged in a particular activity. Engaging our creativity is one of the activities that very often allows us to be “in the zone” and in this way, much like meditation, provides our minds with a kind of hallowed space between our often negative, stressful, and anxious thoughts so that we can connect with our deeper, truer selves. That is because the process of creating is in large part, about reaching a state of consciousness that allows us to transcend the nearly incessant, unconstructive chatter that goes on within our minds. Like meditation, this transcension, a kind of rising above our "monkey minds," can allow us to experience a sense of freedom, or “flow state.” This flow state is what helps to expand and fuel our imagination. Thus, engaging our creativity, can be a powerful means of providing ourselves with a nurturing space of stability and connection with our true selves. And in the image of the great Creator of all things, as we bring something– a song, a poem, a way of doing or being, a photograph, an illustration, a meal – into being that didn’t exist before, engaging our creativity allows us opportunities for tapping into a divine aspect of ourselves.  

About Me

I'm Lovenia, a certified educator, having over a decade of experience in the field of training and instructional design. I am also a published author, with a Master’s in Creative Writing, and a student of Eric Maisel, one of the most prominent and prolific thought leaders on the nature of creativity.  Drawing from key principles essential to positive psychology, spiritual development, and the creative process in a way that taps into and leverages individual creativity, my programs are designed to facilitate deeper clarity around how to use your unique blend of innate gifts, passions, and talents to experience more a joyful and purposeful daily life.  

As a late blooming creative who took a leap of faith into a better life at the age of 41, I know what it's like to feel stuck inside a life that's disconnected from who I really am and much too small for who I know I could be.  Having made the leap into a journey out of that place towards a life that feels more authentic and purposeful, I'm now living the possibility of a daily life that is more aligned with who I really am and how I thrive.  For me, one of the most effective ways of creating that life, was getting deeply connected to one of the most powerful and enduring resources available to all of us - the divine guiding light of our soul’s deepest desires. And I've designed my programs to help you deeply connect with your own unique guiding light.

In the course of discovering my own unique way of living creatively, I’ve become obsessed with international travel, developed a passion for creative collaboration, and a ridiculous aversion to geckos.

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